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Can you name the actors and actresses who are connected to Emma Thompson by no more than 6 degrees of separation?

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Charlie Sheen
his stalker neighbour in Two and a Half Men was played by 
who starred in Up In The Air with 
who starred in Oceans 11 with 
who starred in Se7en with 
who appeared in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with 
who in Love Actually was married to 
Eddie Murphy
voiced a character in Shrek along with 
who appeared in Gangs of New York with 
who starred in Catch Me If You Can with 
who in Hairspray was married to 
who in Primary Colors was married to 
Nicole Kidman
starred in Practical Magic with 
who appeared in Love Potion No.9 with 
who starred in The Graduate with 
who starred in Last Chance Harvey with 
Carol Burnett
who voiced a character in Horton Hears A Who! alongside 
who starred in Man On The Moon with 
who is helped in Junior by 
Jodie Foster
who is captivated in The Silence of The Lambs by 
who starred in Howards End with 

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