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Can you guess the real or fictional person by something they WOULDN'T say?

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“Either wood or wire will do. I'm not fussy.”
“Fire, good”
“Please give me your clothes, but if you don't want to, no problem”
“It's a beautiful sunny day, let's take a walk”
“No, I would only send a photo of THAT to my wife”
“Do you have something in wood or brick rather than pineapple?”
“Perhaps someday we'll get back together”
“My heart breaks when I hear the lamentations of my enemies' women”
“That's a spoon alright”
“I was wrong. I am sorry.”
“The Semitic peoples have contributed much to our culture and our nation.”
“This blood goeth well with my ring I doth believe”
“Don't drink that. You've had enough. I'll get you a cab.”
“You're the king. I have no problem with that. Can I go home now?”
“I don't like chicken. I don't eat chicken. Don't serve me chicken!”
“It's barren and lifeless here. A complete waste of time and money.”
“HOME is really nothing special. Can I stay here?”
“I've gotten a crappy break and consider myself incredibly unlucky”
“You're my DAD? Cool!”
“You killed my father, but I forgive you.”
“Very impressive, but I think I'll just stay here with my sheep.”
“No, I expect you to escape the moment I leave the room.”
“I have no idea if we'll win. I'm certainly not going to guarantee it.”
“Know what? I've decided to just make all the evil mutants kill each other.”
“I suppose you COULD say I had sex with that woman.”
“Father, destroy them! They know exactly what they're doing!”
“I'm going to cut that indecipherable and confusing fight scene out.”
“I think there's too much exposition. Let's just let the visuals tell the story.”
“We will surrender the first chance we have.”
“I know you don't, but I think I CAN make you love me.”

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