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How well do you know the next installment of The Mummy franchise?

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Actor before Mummification
Actor after Mummification
Setting of Film
Kelsey Grammar plays Tom Cruise playing who?
Kelsey Grammar does what to the Mummy?
Poster culturally appropriates how?
Littlefinger's catchphrase
Who will Jean Reno be based on?
There will be a bad guy from what movie?
What will Kelsey Grammar and Terry Crews do to promote the movie on talk shows?
What will the Prequel (and first film in the franchise) be called?
Who voices the 2x4?
What is the name of Terry Crews' baby?
Who plays the baby?
How many flashback scenes will there be?
What animal is being vacuumed in one of the scenes?
Who is the director?
What is most of the budget spent on?
How long will the film be shot
How will film be marketed?

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