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Can you name the sweet foods from Great Britain ?

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Pastry case with a layer of jam and a sponge-based filling containing ground almonds
Dessert made with pastry, toffee from sweetened condensed milk, cream and bananas
Welsh yeast bread or fruit cake with name meaning 'speckled bread'
Thick, creamy, gelantine-based dessert
Rich yeast dough in a square spiral shape, invented in London
Rich, fruity and alcoholic, the traditional dessert on 25th December
Scottish mixture of whipped cream, honey, whisky and fresh raspberries topped with toasted oatmeal
Scones served with jam and clotted cream
Cold custard base with a hard caramel topping
Fruit such as apple or rhubarb baked with a crumb-like topping of flour, butter and sugar
Small, round cake filled with currants, made with flaky pastry
Strawberries and meringue pieces mixed with whipped cream
Tray-baked bar made with oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup
Pureed/stewed fruit mixed with whipped cream and sometimes custard
Hard spherical sweets that change colour when sucked
Spiced, fruity bun with a cross of pastry on top, eaten at Easter
Fruity sweets in the shape of small humans, liked by Doctor Who
Small tarts resembling simple cheesecakes, linked to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
Small mincemeat pies served at Christmas
Hard-boiled, striped sweets, flavoured with peppermint
Thin circles of fried batter traditionally eaten with lemon juice and sugar on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
Gingerbread containing oatmeal and black treacle, often eaten on Bonfire Night
Breadcrumb-thickened mixture, spread with jam and topped with meringue
Hard, tubular, boiled sugar confectionary with a pattern running through the centre, sold in seaside shops
Light fruit cake with a layer of marzipan baked in the middle and balls of marzipan on top, eaten at Easter or on Mothering Sunday
Steamed suet pudding with currants in
Steamed sponge pudding made with chopped dates or prunes, served with a toffee sauce
Cooked soft fruit such as blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries encased in white bread
Harry Potter's favourite dessert: pastry with filling of golden syrup, breadcrumbs and lemon juice
Dessert with a layer of sponge cake pieces, fruit and jelly (jell-o) or jam, then layers of custard and whipped cream

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