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Can you name the words, names and phrases that include 'dog'?

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A cure involving giving more of what caused the illness or hurt, esp. regarding a hangover
Novel by Eva Hornung set in contemporary Moscow
Stiff round item of apparel worn by a clergyman
Deteriorated in quality
1975 film that won an Academy Award and other awards
Recent hit by Florence + The Machine
A long, meandering, supposedly humorous tale with an absurd or pointless punchline
Song by Adam and the Ants
Barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico
In former times, elected chief of state in Italian 'crowned republics', most famously Venice
A type of shark; also a US Navy submarine
Behave in an ostentatious or showy manner
Stubbornly persevering
Badly-written poetry
Song by Jackie Wilson
A person with the advantage over everyone else
Lie _____: British slang for 'keep out of sight'
A motherless or neglected calf
Everyone will have their opportunity to shine
A sharp angle or bend
A principle or set of principles laid down as being incontrovertibly true
Joyous exclamation
Song title used by several different artists, including Motorhead
Someone who carries out menial tasks for others
A mess or hodgepodge
An early English Gothic architectural ornament; also a type of violet
A punk rock band from California; also a tree of the genus Cornus
Let bygones be bygones
American rapper, record producer and actor
Slang term for heavy precipitation in the act of falling

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