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Can you name the holiday-related words that begin with 'M'?

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Animals' feeding trough in which newborn Jesus was placed in the Christmas story
Federal US holiday remembering those who died serving in the country's armed forces
Biblical virgin whose visit from the angel Gabriel, telling her that she would give birth to Jesus, is celebrated by Christians on 25th March
North American country that celebrates on 5th May its army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla
Traditional British name for Mothers Day (third Sunday of Lent)
'_____ Christmas!'
Wise men from the east who brought gifts to the baby Jesus
Assassinated African-American civil rights leader whose birthday is celebrated as a federal US holiday on the third Monday of January
Day before Good Friday in Holy Week, commemorating the Last Supper and celebrated in some denominations by ritual foot-washing
Parasitic evergreen plant with white berries; used in a kissing custom at Christmas
First day of the fifth month; traditionally and anciently a spring holiday, now also International Workers' Day and Labour Day in some countries
Literally means 'Fat Tuesday'; a period of Carnival preceding Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, mainly in Catholic regions
Aromatic resin given to Jesus as one of his gifts from the three wise men
Nine-branched candelabrum used at Hanukkah
Small, lidded pies of pastry filled with mincemeat, a rich mixture of dried and candied fruit, nuts, sugar, apple, alcohol, suet and sweet spices, eaten in Britain at Christmas

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