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Can you name the holiday-related words beginning with 'J' or 'K'?

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African-American celebration held December 26 to January 1
Betrothed to Mary in the Christmas story
Hollowed and carved pumpkin or turnip with a light source placed inside, associated with Hallowe'en
Beast-like folkloric creature who accompanies St Nicholas in Alpine countries and is said to punish bad children
Country that holds a Coming of Age Day on the second Monday of January, for all those who have turned 20 during the year
Name given in the US to the Christkind (Christ-child as a gift-bringer) or Santa Claus
Central figure of Christianity, whose birthday is celebrated on 25th December
Yom _____; Jewish Day of Atonement
Personification of ice, sleet, freezing weather etc.; nips at people's noses in the Christmas Song
'_______ Noël'; French for 'Merry Christmas'
Asian country, beloved of Sporcle, which holds a Knowledge Day on 1st September

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