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Can you name the holiday-related items beginning with 'G'?

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Day in Holy Week that commemorates Christ's crucifixion
A popular Hallowe'en costume
One of the three gifts given to Jesus by the magi
British commemoration of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605; celebrated with bonfires and fireworks
Fictional character created by Dr Seuss, who is initially grumpy and anti-Christmas
Hanukkah ____; money, nowadays sometimes chocolate coins, given to children at the Jewish Festival of Lights
Miniature building made out of a sweet, spicy foodstuff at Christmastime
'___ rest you merry, _________, let nothing you dismay'
US holiday on 2nd February where a rodent's action is used to determine whether spring will come early or not
A decorative wreath or cord, hung on inanimate objects during the Christmas season
St _____, patron saint of England, whose feast day is 23rd April

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