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Can you name the top 50 first names (given to babies in the US in 2011) that were originally only surnames?

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M/FNameSurname meaning
MSkilled worker in stone
FSon of Maud, Mahalt or Matilda
M, FPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'small, round hill', OR anglicization of Gaelic 'O'Leoghain', meaning 'the descendant of the Warrior'
MSon of Jacques (John)
M, FAnglicization of Old Gaelic 'O'Maoilriain', meaning 'heroes/worshippers of Rian' (water)
MPerson from a place called Langdon
FSon of Adam
MPerson from a 'brade denu', or broad valley
MMaker or layer of tiles
MTransporter of goods
F, MOne who makes clothes
MPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'broom/gorse hill' OR son of Brand OR son of a swordsmith
M, FDerived from Gaelic 'cam' and 'sron', meaning 'person with a crooked nose', OR person from a place of this name
MAnglicization of Gaelic 'Siol Cuin' or 'Con', meaning 'seed or race of Con'
F, MFrom Middle English name Aubri, meaning 'elf-ruler', 'elf-counsel' or 'elf-kingdom'
MOne who tracks and kills game or other animals
MContraction of 'Augustine'
M/FNameSurname meaning
MNickname of a greatly skilled huntsman
M, FBlack haired/dark complexioned OR fair haired/fair complexioned
MPerson from the village of Colaton Raleigh
MPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'a clearing overgrown with bent-grass'
FSon of Alice, Ellis, Alan or Alister
FPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'ash tree wood or clearing'
M, FOfficial in charge of a hunting park
F, MPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'Pacca's land'
MMaker of barrels or tubs
MDerived from Gaelic 'Mac Bradaigh', meaning 'descendent of a dishonest chief' OR person with good eyesight OR person from Broad island
F, MPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'rye farm' OR contraction of Gaelic 'O' Raghailligh', meaning 'decendent of Raghallach'
MUncertain Scottish origin. A variation is 'Corsan'
F, MOne who plays a particular type of stringed instrument
M, FPerson from a place called Haydon or Heydon
MDerived from Gaelic surname 'O'Nullain', meaning 'descendant of the crier'
FContraction of 'de Sancto Dioniso' (St Denis)
MSon of a 'greyve', a person in charge of estates or property
M/FNameSurname meaning
MSon of Brice OR an anglicization of Gaelic 'O'Briosain'
MSpanish/Portuguese variation of early Greek 'didahke', meaning 'doctrine'
FSon of Coinneach
MPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'settlement to the east'
FKnight's attendant; an apprentice squire. Later a young male servant to a nobleman
MMounted warrior or messenger OR a resident of a 'ryd' or wood clearing
FDyer or seller of bright red cloth
MPerson from a place of this name, meaning 'ash tree settlement'
FPlayer of pipes or bagpipes
MSon of Hudde
MSon of Milo or Mile
FSteward or official, today developed into the word 'bailiff'
MPerson from a place of this name, original Gaelic name being 'caol'
FAnglicization of Old Gaelic 'Cinneidigh', meaning 'grim or helmeted head'
F, MPerson from the now capital city of the UK
MDerived from Old Norse 'Asketill', meaning 'god' and 'sacrificial cauldron'

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