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Can you name the top 50 English occupational surnames in the United States (2000)?

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RankSurnameSurname meaning
1A worker in metal. Originally a soldier; 'one who smote'
6One in charge of a building that grinds corn/wheat
13One who makes clothes
25A clergyman, scribe, secretary or literate person
28Not what it seems! One who scours and thickens raw cloth (north England version of rank #256)
34A maker of machinery or objects, mostly in wood
37A male monarch
38One who makes bread
46A transporter of goods
49A maker of small objects on a lathe OR an official in charge of a medieval tournament
51An official in charge of a hunting park
60One who makes food
64A maker of barrels or tubs
66A steward or official, today developed into the word 'bailiff'
71A civil guard or keeper of the Watch
87A saddle tree maker OR a maker or user of a 'forcetier' (steel shears used in textile-making and agriculture)
88One who works with or supplies sand
98Originally a wine steward. Today, a type of personal manservant
100One who catches and supplies fish
102A burner of charcoal or a gatherer of coal
125The highest-ranked member of staff in a noble household
137One who weaves cloth
140A free-born person in medieval society
148A gatekeeper or doorkeeper OR one who carries loads for a living
149A skilled worker in stone
RankSurnameSurname meaning
153One who tracks and kills game or other animals
157A shortened form of rank #153
158A pilgrim
179The more common and recognizable form of rank #137
182One who tends to lawns, flowerbeds etc
183A villager or rustic; later a pagan or heathen
189One in charge of purchasing and distributing provisions in a noble household or monastery
199Originally, one who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier
213One who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures
218A merchant or trader; English equivilent of the German 'Kaufmann'
223A wheel-maker
226One who plays a particular type of stringed instrument
236A free landholder in medieval times, a gentleman ranked below a knight
238A senior clergyman
256One who scours and thickens raw cloth (south England version of rank #28)
267A bird-catcher or hunter of wild birds
268One who makes and operates bows
274A maker of beer or ale
305An officer charged with managing his lord's private living quarters
315A version of rank #38
322A shortened version of rank #51
325A tanner of leather OR a shepherd
352An arrow-maker
355A knight's attendant; an apprentice squire. Later a young male servant to a nobleman
359A steward or bailiff

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