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QUIZ: Can you name the top 30 occupational surnames in England and Wales?

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RankSurnameSurname meaning
1A worker in metal. Originally a soldier; 'one who smote'
5One who makes clothes
12Not what it seems! One who scours and thickens raw cloth
13A maker of machinery or objects, mostly in wood
26A clergyman, scribe, secretary or literate person (version of rank #27)
27A clergyman, scribe, secretary or literate person
28A maker of small objects on a lathe OR an official in charge of a medieval tournament
31One who makes barrels or tubs
33A civil guard or keeper of the Watch
35A male monarch
RankSurnameSurname meaning
37One who makes bread
39Sea warrior or sea defender
40Headman or village chief in the Gujarat, India
48One who makes or rings a type of metal musical instrument
49An official in charge of a hunting park
52One in charge of a building that grinds corn/wheat
53One who makes food
61A transporter of goods
63Originally, one who looks after horses. Later the highest-ranked member of staff in a noble household
64A steward or official, today developed into the word 'bailiff'
RankSurnameSurname meaning
66An officer controlling the domestic affairs of a royal or noble household
75A saddle tree maker OR a maker or user of a 'forcetier' (steel shears used in textile-making and agriculture)
77A merchant or trader; English equivilent of the German 'Kaufmann'
78A skilled worker in stone
81One who weaves cloth
83One who tracks and kills game or other animals
87A pilgrim
90One who catches and supplies fish
93Originally, one who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier
96A tanner of leather OR a shepherd

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