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Forced Order
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Get up on the hydra's back!Phil
Would you kindly?Atlas/Frank Fontaine
When something smells, it's usually the Butz.Title character
This filthy jar reminds me of a puzzle...Title character
Ave, true to Caesar.Various members of Caesar's Legion
Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.Booker DeWitt (quoting someone else)
I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear.Youngster
You forget a thousand things every day, pal. Make sure this is one of ‘em.Michael De Santa/Michael Townley
Lang Zi says: '... Just go already!'Shi-Long Lang
Maybe I can deduce my fist to your face. Bet that would shut you up.Kyle Hyde
I was up at 5 A.M. practicing my 'Chords of Steel!'Title character
Do you like hurting other people?Richard
Well done. Here are the test results: You are a horrible person.GLaDOS
Please make sure the bed is empty before getting in it!Sign (Team Galactic HQ)
I've been having these weird thoughts lately... like is any of this for real or not?Sora

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