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HintCharacterFirst Appearance
Doesn't believe the Black Pearl is a real shipThe Curse of the Black Pearl
A mermaid harvested for her tearsOn Stranger Tides
Named after the Black Pearl's former captain; returns himself to an undead stateThe Curse of the Black Pearl
The redhead who slaps Jack Sparrow, even though he doesn't think he deserved itThe Curse of the Black Pearl
The blonde who slaps Jack Sparrow, which he may have deservedThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Believes the Black Pearl is realThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Beckett's assistant and assassinDead Man's Chest
From Sao Feng's crew but will side with the highest bidderAt World's End
Fish face captain of the Flying Dutchman who cut out his heartDead Man's Chest
The Monarch of England who sends out an expedition for the Fountain of YouthOn Stranger Tides
Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge; resurrector of the dead in his spare timeOn Stranger Tides
Daughter of BlackbeardOn Stranger Tides
Missionary who fell in love with a mermaidOn Stranger Tides
Head of the East India Trading Company who hates Jack Sparrow with a vengeanceDead Man's Chest
A Greek goddess bound in mortal formDead Man's Chest
Jack borrowed her boat without permission but promises her a better oneThe Curse of the Black Pearl
The shorter of the pirate comedic duo; says kray-kenThe Curse of the Black Pearl
HintCharacterFirst Appearance
A dwarfThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Davy Jones' ship destroying petDead Man's Chest
Stuck up for Jack and was awarded 100 years of service to Davy JonesDead Man's Chest
A sailor aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge who loves to singOn Stranger Tides
Heroic officer who wishes to eradicate piratesThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Wears the wig for more than keeping his head warmThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Is a bit mad, loves rum and freedom and his ship, the Black PearlThe Curse of the Black Pearl
The spokesperson for the muteThe Curse of the Black Pearl
The governor's daughter turned pirateThe Curse of the Black Pearl
First mate turned captain by mutinyThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Jack Sparrow did him great insult once but he still helped in Jack's rescueAt World's End
A blacksmith who would die for his dolly-belleThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Navy member turned pirate who loves rum and storiesThe Curse of the Black Pearl
A mute whose tongue was cut outThe Curse of the Black Pearl
Keeper of the Code and Jack Sparrow's fatherAt World's End
Has a wooden eye; says krah-kinThe Curse of the Black Pearl

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