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ClueAnswerExtra Info
Mr. Toad's horse friend
Cogsworth is what?
Jiminy is Pinocchio's what?
Tick Tock is what type of animal?
Pinocchio villain
The birds that assist Dumbo
Lumiere is what
Title character of own movie
Fat warrior from Mulan
Self explanatory movie title
Peter Pan's Nemesis
Disney prince's usually last name
ClueAnswerExtra Info
Teams up with a walrus
A teacup or half of a chipmunk duo
Lives on Bald Mountain
'If it ain't boroque...' joke teller
Mushu's sidekick
Dinah, Duchess and others are what type of animal?
Jiminy is what type of insect?
Magical Cat
'The sky is falling!'
Wants puppies for a fur coat
Smokes a hooka

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