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Movie about an ant who stands up to grasshoppers
Magic words and song
One of Madame Medusa's crocodiles
Disney movie about a man who turns into a bear
Quasimodo's job
Chews Lady's muzzle off
Who's afraid of the...
Dinky's partner
Dinner song
Daughter of an inventor
Aurora's alias
One of the 'Br'er' characters
Intro song to 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'
Song and movie title
Home of mouse detective
One of the seven dwarves
Cinderella's dog
One of Duchesses kittens
HintAnswerExtra Info
Robot in 'Treasure Planet'
Brings Pinocchio to life
Movie set in Scotland
The triplets who are in love with Gaston
Watches over Mowgli
Mowgli's bear friend
Song from 'Lady and the Tramp'
Mouse Detective
Necessities of life
One of the Rescuers
The other Rescuer
Title character
Chernabog's home
Leader of the alligators from 'Dance of the Hours'
Edgar's job
Cursed prince
Owl in 'Fox and the Hound'
Town bully in the story of Sleepy Hallow

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