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Yodeling cattle rustler
Duchess's kittens must learn their scales and what?
Jane's father
Name one of Hercules' adoptive parents
Merlin's pet owl
Title character's pet monkey
Main heroine of 'Little Mermaid'
Trigger-happy hunter, owns two dogs
First and last name for Genie's disguise for title character
Mushu works for what part of the Fa family?
One of four animal groups in 'Dance of the Hours'
Snow White receives this poisoned fruit
Character goes down the rabbit hole
ClueAnswerExtra Info
One of the Cinderella's step-sisters
Name one daughter of King Triton (other than main one)
Mickey is Yen Sid's what?
Two stories rolled into one
Hero of 'The Sword in the Stone'
One of the lesser gods/goddesses at Mount Olympus
Movie about a butler vs. his employer's cats for money
Owner of the 'Toy Story' toys
A title character to their own movie
Lion King setting
The Rescuers go here in their second movie
Sleeping Beauty's princess

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