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questionyour answer (only put yes)
Do you visit Sporcle everyday?
When you visit Sporcle, do you do User Contributed games before the Published games?
Have you ever had a comment deleted?
Have you ever played a 'Holiday' game even when it isn't that holiday?
Do you have an iPhone with the Sporcle app?
Do you play over 50 quizzes a day?
Do you like playing games by RockGolf?
Do you have a second/third/whatever account that you use to screw around with?
questionyour answer (only put yes)
Do you have two/three/four/whatever many accounts that you use to beef up your first account's games so they have better ratings?
Do you like playing games by Ben?
Do you cheat on quizzes often?
Do you rate down quizzes because they are the top rated and you don't like the topic of that game?
Have you ever done poorly on a quiz, then researched all of the answers so you could get a 100% and gloat about it?
Are you enjoying this game so far?
Are you answering all of these questions 'yes' to be funny?
Do you like Sporcle's new template as opposed to the other one?

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