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Only Person to enter 2 Elimination Chamber Matches in one night?
First Elimination Chamber Match Winner?
Winner Of the Gimmick Battle Royal at WM X-7
Winners Of TLC III
Luckiest Royal Rumble entry number?
Winner of the first Iron Man match
Winner of the Kennel from Hell Match at Unforgiven '99
Most Recent Rumble Winner to NOT Main Event Wrestlemania
Boxer who beat the Big Show at WM 24
NFL star who beat 'Bam Bam' Bigelow at WM 11
Never Lost at WrestleMania
Shortest Time in the Royal Rumble (00:01:9)
Winner of Miss Wrestlemania
Most Eliminations in single Rumble (11)
# of winners combined from the #1 and #30 spot
Person who ran down Stone Cold at the '99 Survivor Series
Person who replaced Austin in the Main Event
First Undisputed WWE Champion
Hulk Hogan's other Persona (not Hollywood Hogan)
First Rumble Winner (1987)

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