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Can you name the words or phrases that contain the word 'book' given their clues?

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NumberWord or PhraseClue
1Where you keep all of your telephone numbers.
2Famous African American educator and the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute.
3This CIA based source gives information on over 250 world entities.
4A website for great travel and vacation advice and deals.
5A place commonly used to store your own books.
6A book used by students that helps them learn and study for school.
7An electronic book.
8A person who keeps track of business transactions.
9A book for a graduating class that highlights important events or information of the past year.
10Soemthing used to assist you in video games that provides helpful hints.
NumberWord or PhraseClue
11A Tony-winning Broadway musical or a sacred text of the Latter Day Saint movement.
12Usually written criticism or praise of a book. They are often school projects.
13A powerful book in Egyptian mythology that is said to find and revive the sun god.
14You can find recipes in these.
15These hold the books in the (question 5).
16A popular online game where you try to spell words and save the library, or someone who loves reading.
17An online service that gives you a used-car estimate, or a 2006 WWII movie.
18A place where you can purchase a book.
19These are used to keep track of where you are in your book.
20A popular social-networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg.

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