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1763 Treaty gives up
1713 - The Treaty of Utrecht
Manitoba Who Created?
Lord Durham 1838 - Report
Rebellion leader UC
1791 Constitutional Act - Does
Rebellion Leader LC
Act of Union 1841 -
Lord Elgin 1849 - Why anger
1663 - King
1625 - created
1870 - Orangeman sentenced
1864 - Who Met Where
QUebec ACt 1774
Who is credited with Quebec Act
Who genocide Great Lakes Region
Sent back to England 1766
1758 General French
1758 General British
1775 Benedict Arnold - city
George Brown - Party
Halifax created
1846-71 industry Toronto
Nine Hours Movement Backed by
Work from Days of 12 hours
Work Now 9 hours @
City 9 hours Began in
Trade Union Acts of
Trade Union disallowed
HBC and NWC Merge
Ceremony between west coast natives
Argument for 9 hours - read
Mercantilism - Favours what materials
reciprocity not affect what region
UC Assembly
LC Assembly
NB and NS Assembly
PEI Assembly
Last Beothuk dies in what year
Who argues for federal and provincial in confederation argument?
Abolished in 1854
Irish Famine
Grosse Isle - what diseases
After Royal Proclomation EP wanted these expelled
Crown Lands Protection Act
CLPA takes whose land
Goes to who
Policy of Indians in 1850s onwards
Where do natives go after Crown Lands Protection Act
Egerton Ryerson - Report on what
What year Egerton
Why do conservatives want education
Catholic Schools show what
What time are catholic schools showing this
Problem with Truck System
1849 - What is shown here
Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City Centers of
Who Funds Railway
Population 1800
Population 1860
Heading North
Act of Union
Act of Union does what
Restrictions on Emigration what year
State formation middle of what century
Act of Union ignores who
Rebellion Losses Bill what years
Legislative Answer to Who?
Rebellion Losses Bill who calls out in Anger
What is the issue really around reb. losses bill?
Rebell. Signed by who
Rebell Approved in what year
1776 Who gets kicked out of Canada
1775 Americans take what canadian city
1838 - What Report
What are British Values Tied up in?
Naturalization Bill - What
Who does Francis Bond Head replace
What year does Francis Bond Head Replace as lieutenant governor of upper canada
Naturalization Bill What Year
92 Resolutions- what group
Russell Resolutions do what
92 resolutions what year
Aboriginals gain vote in what year
Greatest support for legilative assembly city
Weakest UC supporting region
New Brunswick splits from Nova Scotia in what year
Radical group in Nfld
Which Queen signs most important bill
Most important Bill
Huron nation destroyed by
Huron and jesuits meet

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