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Can you name the characters from the Indian epic Mahabharata?

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One of the best soldiers in the war, learnt military strategy while in his mother's womb
A woman whose love betrayed her
The grandmother of the Kauravas
The grandmother of the Pandavas
The best archer of the war, born with the grace of Indra
The son of the royal teacher, and also the name of an elephant
The Rakshasa who terrorizes the village of Ekachakra
The elder brother to Krishna, avatar of Adishesha
The strongest man in the world, born with the grace of Vayu
The eight vasu who took a vow of celibacy
The sage of the Pandavas who accompanied them into exile
The blind father of the Kauravas
The daughter of king Drupada, and wife to the Pandavas
The brother of Draupadi born to kill Drona
The second teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas who was humiliated by Drupada
The king of Panchala
The primary antagonist of the Mahabharata, very good at weilding the gada
The only daughter of Gandhari and Dhritarashtra
The second Kaurava
The wife of Dhritirashtira
The river goddess who birthed the first 8 sons of Shantanu
The son of Bhima born as a rakshasa
The mother of Ghatotkacha
The great grandson of the Pandavas
A powerful king who could only be slain by being split in two down the middle
The husband of Dushala who was instrumental in the slaying of Abhimanyu
The second best archer of the war, born with the grace of Surya, and also with earrings and armour
The army commander of King Virata who is smitten by Draupadi
The first teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas
The wife of Drona and sister of Kripa
Avatar of Vishnu instrumental in the war
A Yadava commander who finds himself fighting for the Kauravas
The mother of the first 3 (4) Pandavas
The mother of the Pandava Twins
The elder of the Pandava twins born with the grace of the Ashwini Twins
The pale-skinned father of the Pandavas
Sage who fathered Ved Vyas
The grandson of Arjuna
The younger of the Pandava twins born with the grace of the Ashwini Twins
The advisor to Dhritarashtra
The only Yadava to fight for the Pandavas besides Krishna
The second wife of Shantanu and the mother of Ved Vyas
Brother to Gandhari who manipulated many of the events of the story
King of Madra tricked by Duryodhana to fight for the Kauravas
King of Hastinapur with a fondness for walking along rivers
Wife of Arjuna, sister of Balarama, and mother of Abhimanyu
Prince of Matsya kingdom
Princess of Matsya kingdom, mother of Parikshit
Author of Mahabharata
Second son of Satyavati, died before having kids
The younger brother of Dhritirashtira and Pandu who was very wise
The only Kaurava to speak out against Duryodhana during the game of dice
The king of the Matsya kingdom who sheltered the Pandavas
The tragic hero of the story, extremely righteous, and born with the grace of Yama
Illegitamate son of Dhritirashtira who fought for the Pandavas

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