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Stomach lining used for food
Dull and done to death
They vote you off the island
What you give to a politician
Pickle juice
The edge of disaster
One cycle of your eyelids
Don't draw one of these - not now!
The 'color of my true love's hair'
Single masonary building unit
Tub o' butter
What you do with your whip
Where the ponies run
A wee hint of something
Prepare for a hurricane
A good state to be in
What the Yule log sits on
Site of eternal peace
William Wallace's heart
It helps you stop
Short a fistful of dollars
English fellow on the street
He illustrated the Divine Comedy
Unit of snow
She wants free contraceptives
Soprano woodwind
To remove by dissolving
The creme de la creme
Droppin' your g's
Move effortlessly across the dance floor
Clearing in the forest
Government salary levels
What got Schwarzenegger in trouble
A figure of speech
Haggis casing

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