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In District 9 (2009), what is the slang term given to the aliens?
What is the name of Morgan Freeman's character in Batman Begins (2005)?
In the Prestige (2006), who does Hugh Jackman's character contract to build his transportation machine?
In the Good Shepherd (2006), what is the Russian code name for Matt Damon's character?
In Zoolander (2001), Mugatu got his start in fashion by creating what?
In Taxi Driver (1976), what is the name of the senator that Robert De Niro's character attempts to assasinate?
Who plays Tracy Turnblad's mother in Hairspray (2007)?
What is the name of the of the corporate conglomerate in WALLE (2008)?
In the Terminator franchise, what is the name of the computer program that becomes self aware and wages war on the humans?
In Fight Club (1999), what is the name of the plan to destroy the credit-company buildings?
the film The Third Man (1949) takes place in which city?
In Pixar's Up (2009), what does Russell name the giant bird he and Carl find?
Amadeus (1984), is a film about which famous composer?
On what famous American monument does North by Northwest (1959) conclude?
There Will Be Blood (2007) concerns which natural resource?
What is the name of Woody's owner in Toy Story (1995)?
The mask that V wears in V for Vendetta (2005) is meant to be reminiscent of which historical figure?
Which cup contained the iocane powder in The Princess Bride (1987)?
Which university does Matt Damon's character work at as a janitor in Good Will Hunting (1997)?
What giant animal does Jimmy Stewart's character claim to see in Harvey (1950)?

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