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Can you list the words related to Karate Kid?

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What Johnny uses to punch his opponents
The speed at which you must move to avoid Johnny's punch
Being the 'worst around' would earn you this place in a tournament
What Ali bats to get Daniel's attention
How you might describe the beach party Daniel attends with Freddie
Where Daniel might land after getting kicked off of his bike
What Daniel is in after he sprays water on Johnny at the halloween dance
What you might find on Daniel's bike if he left it out in the rain
What Daniel needs after a long day of painting a fence
What Daniel is after winning the All Valley Tournament
What Miyagi uses to hold his pants up
A mark Daniel has after getting attacked by the Cobra Kai
How Daniel is doing before being forced to move to Reseda
What Daniel did after having his leg swept
Ali would do this to the blank spaces on the registration form for the tournament
What John Kreese thinks Miyagi is going to do to him after the tournament

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