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Main character
The adoptive sister of the Bay Harbor Butcher
Detective Sergeant killed by Lila
Killed in the Season 4 Finale by Trinity
She was killed by Debra Morgan and she used to be a Police captain
He was married to Laguerta
He created the code
Forensics Specialist
During the Season 5,this Detective hired Stan Liddy to investigate Dexter
The Ice Truck Killer
Killed by Dexter at the end of the Second Season
He was a senior Assistant District Attorney
Highly regarded author and motivational speaker.Main antagonist of Season 5
The Doomsday Killer
High-ranking member of the Koshka Brotherhood and main antagonist of Season 7
The Brain Surgeon and son of Evelyn Vogel
She poisoned Debra and Dexter after she escaped from prison
She was there when Dexter killed Boyd Fowler
The daughter of Paul and Rita
The son of Paul and Rita
Rita's ex-husband
High ranking Miami Metro PD police official
She had an affair with Harry Morgan
Illustrious FBI Special Agent
The first victim of Season 2
He had a relationship with Debra Morgan and was a CI for Quinn
Miguel Prado's wife
She was the girlfriend of Angel Batista (Season 3)
Miguel's angry brother
The Skinner
She was killed by Miguel Prado
He was a drug dealer who has murdered two college girls
The unknown daughter of Trinity.She had a relationship with Quinn
The son of Trinity
The wife of Trinity
The daughter of Trinity.She wanted to kiss Dexter
Dexter and Rita's son
He was a corrupt narcotics cop
Dexter killed him at the beginning of Season 5.He works in roadkill pick-up
Former religious studies teacher
Killed by Nick in his garage (Season 6)
Dexter hired her as Harrison's nanny.She is Angel's younger sister.
He was hired by Debra Morgan.Killed by Viktor Baskov
He sent the Ice Truck Killer's hand to Dexter's home
He put pressure on Quinn to destroy evidence against Sirko in a murder case
Sirko's Bodyguard
She is the Co-architect of the Code
He hired Debra to do Private Investigations
He was killed by the Brain Surgeon

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