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Can you name the Recess characters who said these quotes?

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'You sit there on your sixth grade butt ruling over the playground like some sort of big shot. Well let me tell you something Mr. Playground King. You're nothing but some dumb kid!
'Kids of the playground, the dumb kid should be free!'
'Any kid named Gustav is bound to be trouble.'
'My only friend is a pet snake named Herbert.'
'Lots of people have gone through life without names and they did fine...the artist formerly known as Prince, the unknown soldier, the other four guys in the Jackson Five...'
'Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.'
'When we're through, he'll never be the new kid again. He'll be...what was his name again?'
'The Secret Service? They're's their bowling night.'
'Hi there, glad you could make it. Your son and/or daughter is a great asset to our school.'
'Oh basket, basket, basket.'
'F...F...F...Hmm, Randall my trusted spy. The only kid around here I can count on. Ah, he's done so much for me. Hmm...D minus. F...'
'It's not natural to store so much milk.'
'Dang gum! Why'd they have to make it so sticky?'
'Don't worry, Gus! The odds of another exploding egg nog incident are....actually, never mind.'
'Vince, take it from someone who knows. Your brother is definently a geek.'
'The old lady's been watching too many Clint Eastwood movies again.'
'It was the garlic croutons! His little heart couldn't take so much seasoning!'
'A funeral for a hamster? Well, I do need a new dress...'
'What is with you people? Have you all gone insane? It's a hamster! A dumb little insignificant $2.58 hamster!!'
'I loved the little rat, okay? I loved everything about him. His cute little nose, his cute little paws....I'll never forget the first day he looked up at me with those black beady
'Lie is such a strong word, Mikey. I prefer to say we massaged reality.'
'Next to last! Yes! You hear that everyone, I am not a loser!'
'My glasses! My glasses! I can't see if I don't find my (crunch) glasses!'
'Awww, it just makes me sick to see love spurned. You gonna eat that?'
'She's safe! She's safe! Ow, my coccyx!'
'The one in the paper hat seems to be their leader. I call him Captain Sticky, for obvious reasons.
'Me food? No, me don't taste good. Me taste bad. Yucky poo poo.'
'They nabbed me before lunch and if I don't eat soon, it won't matter what they do. I've got one job now, staying alive.'
'Yeah, yeah. Nap good.'
'(Character) gone! I big kid now!'
'A brick wall's easier on the eyes than Finster!'
'Any horseplay, joking around, or unauthorized fun of any kind...the box!'
'Not gonna get to me...not gonna get to me...Ah! It's getting to me!'
'Oh yes, Miss Finster...(character)'s good...(character)'s a good little boy.'
'My box! My box! My beautiful box!'
'Conan! Oh my little baby waby...did mommy lose you?'
'Hey I had to raise my rates...what with overhead, inflation, the rising cost of Kleenex...'
'Kids of the playground! I give you....balls!'
'Teachers. You gotta tell them everything.'
'There's only one thing to say. Give me that can!'
'And there's a whole convention of swingers in town!'
'Now I got a new dream. To be a jet pilot.'
'Boys kissing girls...girls kissing boys...and you know what else? We're all gonna like it!'
'The day I stop caring about dodgeball is the day the Earth starts spinning around the sun.'
'Rotten...lousy...stupid...Hey! My Mister-Monk-Monk!'
'My Yorskhire terrier sings better than Randall...and we put her to sleep years ago.'
'Anybody can sing in the bathroom...but when out here in front of people, I'm almost as bad as Spinelli!'
'She's old...really old...she's gotta be at least...24!'
'I've got an appointment...and those bikini waxers don't like to be kept waiting!'
'Old video out. New video in. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! *gulp* *cough* I think I may have swallowed my retainer.'
'Ajimbo! In your face! In your face! Ah-ha-ha-ha!'
'That young man is seriously disturbed.'
'A game called Abimco.'
'Ooh, I've lost my chartreuse giraffe! Poor me!'
'No, it's a gold turkey!'
'I had a system! I had a system!'
'Somebody ought to teach him a lesson. Not me, but somebody!'
'My big brother Joey majored in auto repair in prison.'
'Kids and their infernal balls.'
'Oooh, I shouldn't have had that ninth flapjack.'
'Oooh, this can't be good for my sinuses.'
'Cats? Ain't no money in cats. However, I am running a special on cat food.'
'Wait! I do not condone violence! Especially against myself!'
'Man cannot live on tofu alone!'
'Does mommy love her wittle baby? Oh yes, she does. Oh yes, she does.'
'Hey! That's not how you use a fulcrum!'
'Ah, the sound of happy workers. Say, what is that song they're singing anyway? It's kinda catchy.'
'I got it! I got it! Hey, I got it! Oh, why, why did I catch it?'
'It's a mystery...but someone always does.'
'Randall? Why are you blubbering like a sick emu?'
'Sorry guys. I guess I shouldn't have taken this chance to practice my cursive.'
'What is that infernal chirping? The birds...they're plotting something.'
'The kindergartners must have given helium to the gerbils again.'
'Yeah, mom. It was really fun doing long division while chirping chips into a wastebasket every five minutes.'
'Get lost, you little weasel, or I'll show you the true meaning of Christmas punch!'
'No snow around for 500 miles...gotta have faith...gotta have faith...and maybe some cloud seeding equipment.'
'Yow! I whomped my finger in my desk!'
'Who the heck is Whompy Whomperson?'
'I remember the first time I had to give a detention. It took me...moments to calm down.'
'I'm not coming out! This thing looks like Gus sewed it together in the dark!'
'Friends are people who run your underwear up the flagpole...with you in it!'
'I appreciate your insane spiritual gifts, Mikey!'
'Math...yech...glad school is behind me.'
'I did it! I did it! I ate 10 puddings! I am the pudding king! I...I...I think I'm gonna be sick.'
'Come back safety man! School isn't over yet!'
'Race not on basement! Race upstairs on playground!'
'That's P! A P as in...P!'
'Wah Wah! Oink Oink!'
'I've read every kids book there is about space. Even one with no pictures!'
'You booted worse than Randall on fish chowder day!'
'Junior, your mother said no reading after bedtime! I'm telling!'
'I haven't seen so many colors on one face since Crackers the clown chirped his chips in our classroom!'
'12 plus 6 is...17! We win!'
'Blooming? What does she think I am, a daffodil?'
'Then the family sawbones tells you it's not a peptic ulcer so that leaves just one'
'TJ will never be a normal kid.'
'High explosives may attract unwanted attention.'
'Gretchen Grundler, of all people! How dare you pull the fire alarm! You know the fire alarm is only for fires!'
'Good sweet mike! Call the fire department! Dial 911! Hurry!'
'The nerve of those girlies giving me a six! Like I want to be anywhere near that high on the Ashley food chain! I demand a recount!'
'At last! My childhood dream has come true!'
'Tell that to my achy-breaky heart.'
'How about a wrecking ball? We tell him there's a meteor shower, and BAM!'
'We want to bruise King Bob's ego, not put him in a body cast.'
'Give me 300 tons of gelatin desert and an atomic particle accelerator and we'll see who has the last laugh!'
'What did you have for lunch today, Kingy? Was it by chance the four bean casserole?'
'I've tried that gum. It doesn't match label claims.'
'I'm doomed! To a single portion!'
'Prickly, you idiot! Get me down from here!'
'I'm next! Logic dictates we go girl-boy-girl-boy until we run out of girls.'
'It's hard enough to imagine Spinelli getting rich and Gretchen taking a trip, but TJ passing a test with flying colors? Get real!'
'Gelman is a chicken! Gelman is a chicken!'
'Hey, no sneaking around! That's my job!'
'Could that project possibly be...WEAVING A COMPLEX TISSUE OF LIES?!'
'All this deceit makes me queasy!'
'Was that God?'
'A food fight? I'll put a stop to this!...Maybe later.'
'No! You'll never make me tell! There's a code! An unbreakable kid code!'
'Then I lower Detweiler onto the catapult with a tasty golden turkey, and WHAMMO! Bye-bye TJ, enjoy your trip to Saskatchewan! Nah, that's stupid.'
'Is that you, TJ? You look like a big blurry blob.'
'Maybe those rumors of an evil chimney troll are true.'
'The kindergartners have spontaneously taught themselves a traditional Irish folkdance.'
'I have father issues.'
'You told Miss Finster I used the word poopdeck, and we were studying pirates!'
'Let's try some dodgeball. Gelman, get the stump.'
'We are now witness to the classic downside of barrel pants.'
'I hate to be a know-it-all Miss Grotke, but I think the answer book must be mistaken again.'
(Character name) want to say something to perfect boy....*BUUUUUUURRRP*
'A wager? Hey, you're not going to try to get your Christmas presents back again, are you?'
'Do something about him, Detweiler. If I have to come down from here, nobody's going to be happy.'
'I'm comin' for you, Sammy Boy!'
'Ja vohl, mein commandant.,'
'The future is in the basement, sir?'
'Gus? Do you have some unpleasant information we non-military types aren't privy to?'
'No, no, no. You're thinking way too small...what we need is electricity!'
'What you talking about, Dude?'
'What's in the lesson plan today, Grotke? The history of hooliganism?'
'Slapping pony rides for a dollar signs on my back...'
'A minus! My life is flashing before my eyes!'
'I'm swinging to the maximum height limit recommended by the manufacturer!'
'You heard the man! More funliciousness!'
'You've got to admit, Spinelli, this is somewhat jerk-like behaviour.'
'Gum and litter? Miss Finster, Miss Finster, I've got a 614!'
'How about four eyes?...Alright, alright, bad idea.'
'No, Yope, I'm not yoking.'
'Puh-leeze! Of course you can wear it two days in a row! Just don't get hit by a car.'
'I got a hunch Spinelli's advising kids to start acting Spinelli-like about stuff.'
'I don't believe MISS Grotke is married.'
'Now we gotta wait for another spy to come along and Chaka Khan! We've got a password.'
'I say this crummy behaviour's beneath us all. Well, maybe not Lawson, but at least the rest of us.'
'Of course Detweiler was making fun of me! He's a crazy monkey boy! It's what he does.'
'Hey that's nothing, Randall! Just last night my big sister put my hair in piggly-wiggly tails! Now I'm funny just like King Bob!'
'Man, I am out of it! This must be how Randall feels.'
'Ancient civilization? You mean like when Finster was a kid?'
'Tractors and tap dancing definently do not mix.'
'Any more milk and I'll bust open like Finster's corns on Walk For Chalk Day.'
'I bet he makes hundreds of dollars a year!'
'Ahoy there sailor, can you do the otter dance? First you take your right flipper and you slap it on your pants.'
'Next you take your left flipper and you catch a little fish. Then you take your little tail and go swish-swish-swish.'
'Gelman, maybe you didn't hear me. It's time to do the otter dance!'
'My old man don't believe in otters!'
'Making a run for the interstate in that bumper car was bold!'
'For reasons I cannot think of, the Superintendent has conspired with the President Of The United States to take away our playground balls.'
'War has been un-war-ded!'
'Give me chocolate milk or give me death? Spinelli, do you want to have another meeting with the school counsellor?'
'Stop that infernal mooing!':

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