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Desk Clerk
Abraham Benrubi 
Kristin Minter 
Andrew Bowen 
Mariska Hargitay 
Charles Noland 
ER Aide
Malgoscha Gebel 
Brother (of Abby Lockhart)
Tom Everett Scott 
Brother (of Greg Pratt)
Marcello Thedford 
Brother-in-law (to Peter Benton)
Ving Rhames 
Cousin (of John Carter)
Jonathan Scarfe 
Daughter (of Mark Greene)
Yvonne Zima/Hallee Hirsh 
Daughter (of Tony Gates)
Chloe Greenfield 
Father (of Abby Lockhart)
Fred Ward 
Father (of Elizabeth Corday)
Paul Freeman 
Father (of Mark Greene)
John Cullum 
Girlfriend/Wife (of John Carter)
Thandie Newton 
Girlfriend (of John Carter)
Julie Bowen 
Girlfriend (of Kerry Weaver)
Michelle Hurd 
Girlfriend (of Peter Benton)
Lisa Nicole Carson 
Grandmother (of John Carter)
Frances Sternhagen 
Husband (of Jeanie Boulet)
Michael Beach 
Cress Williams 
Mother (of Abby Lockhart)
Sally Field 
Mother (of Carol Hathaway)
Rose Gregorio 
Mother (of Elizabeth Corday)
Judy Parfitt 
Mother (of Mark Greene)
Bonnie Bartlett 
Mother (of Peter Benton)
Beah Richards 
Sister (of Susan Lewis)
Kathleen Wilhoite 
Sister (of Peter Benton)
Khandi Alexander 
Son (of Donald Anspaugh)
Trevor Morgan 
Son (of Peter Benton)
Matthew Watkins 
Son (of Samantha Taggart)
Oliver Davis/Dominic Janes 
Wife (of Mark Greene)
Christine Harnos 
Fire Captain
Ed Lauter 
Lisa Vidal 
Michelle Bonilla 
Claudine Claudio 
Brendan Patrick Connor 
Elliot Durant III 
George Eads 
Ron Eldard 
Julie Ann Emery 
Carlos Gomez 
Lynn A. Henderson 
Brian Lester 
Louie Liberti 
Demetrius Navarro 
Vyto Ruginis 
Monte Russell 
Emily Wagner 
Michele Morgan 
Police Officer
Christopher Amitrano 
Mike Genovese 
Chad McKnight 
Bobby Nish 
Social Worker
Erica Gimpel 
Madchen Amick 
Tara Karsian 
Daniel Dae Kim 
Red Buttons 
Kirsten Dunst 
Lucy Liu 
Doctor (Chief of Emergency Medicine)
Kari Matchett 
Doctor (Anesthesiologist)
Perry Anzilotti 
David Brisbin 
Doctor (Anesthestiologist)
Kim Strauss 
Doctor (Trauma Surgeon)
Leland Orser 
Doctor (Cardiologist)
Sam Anderson 
Doctor (Chief of Emergency Medicine)
Stanley Tucci 
(Impostor) Doctor (Chief of Emergency Medicine)
Mare Winningham 
Doctor (OB-GYN)
Amy Aquino 
Doctor (Chief of Staff)
John Aylward 
Doctor (Psychiatrist)
John Doman 
Doctor (Chief of Emergency Medicine)
Michael Ironisde 
Doctor (Chief of Surgery)
William H. Macy 
Doctor (ER)
Alan Alda 
John Leguizamop 
Jorja Fox 
Sara Gilbert 
Doctor (Intern)
Shiri Appleby 
Marc Jablon 
Gil McKinney 
Victor Rasuk 
Emily Rose 
Julia Jones 
Doctor (Chief Resident)
J.P. Manoux 
Medical Student
Jillian Bach 
Eion Bailey 
Leslie Bibb 
Malaya Rivera Drew 
Christine Elise 
Chad Lowe 
Busy Phillipps 
Rossif Sutherland 
Bresha Webb 
Doctor (Orthopedic Surgeon)
Christopher Grove 
Charles Esten 
Rick Rossovich 
Doctor (Pathologist)
Megan Cole 
Doctor (Surgeon)
Glenne Headley 
Doctor (Psychiatrist)
Elizabeth Mitchell 
John Terrry 
Doctor (Psychologist)
Michael B. Silver 
Doctor (Radiologist)
Scott Jaeck 
Gina Ravera 
Doctor (Surgeon)
Ron Rifkin 
Matthew Glave 
CCH Pounder 
Dahlia Salem 
Omar Epps 
Julia Ling 
Julian Morris 
Steven Christopher Parker 
Nursing Director
Deborah May 
Sam Jones III 
Conni Marie Brazelton 
Laura Ceron 
Ellen Crawford 
Deezer D 
Yvette Freeman 
Mary Heiss 
April Lee Hernandez 
Lily Mariye 
Vanessa Marquez 
Angel Laketa Moore 
Kip Pardue 
Gedde Watanabe 
Bellina Logan 
Cynthia Cervini 
Kyle Richards 
Lucy Rodriguez 
Nadia Shazana 
Penny Johnson 
Dinah Lenney 
Monica Guzman 

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