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HintAnswerAnswer these questions?
How many boys did Lauren hook up with after her break up with Ethan? (Type out the number)
Finish Brian's daily catchphrase: 'Don't you hate it when you're blowing a guy and he turns out to be a...'
Who's hotter, Cate Benitez or Charlotte Buckman?
What is Colin's first weapon of choice in a fight?
What kind of shirt is that?
Who has gotten the all-time worst hickey?
Who is most unathletic?
HintAnswerAnswer these questions?
What does Willow want?
What does Mark Brown love most?
How many hits does it take to get Declan high? (Type out the number)
Who is secretly related to Anne Frank?
Who was the original beer buyer for Need 30?
Eoghan asks you, 'Can Jane come?' What do you say?

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