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I'm standing with my back to the Fontana del Pantheon, where am I?
I'm on Ipanema Beach, with my back to the ocean, I'm looking up at what monument?
I'm stood on the Westminster Bridge, with my back to the Eye, what am I looking at?
I'm standing next to the Monument to the People's Heroes, where am I?
I'm waiting for a train to Shinjuku Station from the main airport where am I?
I'm looking at the former royal palace at Basantapur, where am I?
I'm looking at the world's tallest thermometer, where am I?
I'm waiting for my boat from the city to Manly, where am I?
It's 1pm, I'm at a castle and a cannon just fired, where am I?
I'm in the Salle du Sacre with a view toward Salle des Gardes de la Reine in the Grand Appartement of the queen, where am I?
I'm looking at a man playing guitar, he's only wearing a cowboy hat and boots, where am I?
I'm on a train going towards hundreds of waterfalls on the border of Brazil and Argentina, where am I?
I'm in a narrow winding passage (or siq) that leads into this world famous site, where am I?
I'm cold, but I'm standing on the roof of Africa, where am I?
I'm standing in a town once completely covered by ash, where am I?
I'm in a town where penguins wander about on nearby boulders, 'Simon says' where am I?
I'm in a city that was devastated by an earthquake in 2010, where am I?
I'm raising a Paulaner beer with thousands of others, and listening to a traditional Oom-Pah band, where am I?
I'm sailing up the famously beautiful Northwest side of an island in Hawai'i
I'm in the Lion City sat in a 150 metre long pool on top of a hotel with 2561 rooms, where am I?
I'm sat sketching a ruin of an Incan ancient world, where am I?
I'm watching the fastest tide in the world, where am I?
I'm on an island with some great surfing at Uluwatu, which island am I on?
I'm at the top of the spire of this church at the northernmost capital in the world, where am I?
I really want to see ring-tailed lemur's in their natural habitat, can you tell me where?

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