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1981: Who was inaugurated as President of the USA?
1982: Terrorist attacks in France by who?
1983: Famous Swedish tennis player retired
1984: Singer of 'What's Going On' died
1985: Who KOs Hector Mercedes in 1 round in his first pro fight?
1986: NASA space shuttle which exploded 73 seconds after take off
1987: An ad featuring Yul Brynner was the first anti-??? ad
1988: Which country withdrew from Afghanistan after 8 years of fighting?
1989:Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in which US state?
1990: First broadcast of HDTV was at this sporting event in Italy
1991: The first website was launched, what was the address?
1992: US President George H. W. Bush vomits into the lap of the Prime Minister of?
1993: The Maastricht Treaty formally established what?
1994: Formula 1 driver killed at the San Marino Grand Prix?
1995: Microsoft launches this operating system
1996: Bomb killing hundreds in a shopping centre in Manchester, England was carried out by whom?
1997: British territory handed back to China after 156 years of rule?
1998: Company founded in Menlo Park, CA
1999: SpongeBob SquarePants premiered on this channel
2000: World population to the nearest billion
2001: George Harrison, former member of which Liverpudlian band died?
2002: Canadian serial killer arrested and charged with 20+ counts of murder
2003: Number of miles cycled in Tour de France (to nearest 1000)
2004: Top grossing English speaking movie worldwide?
2005: Pope John Paul II died, in what country was he born?
2006: 250th anniversary of the birth of this composer
2007: British child Madeleine McCann disappears in which Western European country?
2008: Quote from which dark movie? 'Some men just want to watch the world burn.'
2009: World outbreak of what type of flu?
2010: Mount Eyjafjallajökull erupts grounding flights across which continent?
2011: Anders Breivik kills 77 people in which country?
2012: Summer Olympics in London was opened by who?
2013: Tour De France Winner from which African country?
2014: Russia moved troops to where to 'protect their own interests'?
2015: This famous racing driver turned 75 today. Initials MA
2016: A man fatally stabs 14 family members before taking his own life in the Indian city of?
2017: A police sniper accidentally fires his weapon while changing position and injures two people during a speech by French President François Hollande in?
2018: This sporting goods store stops stocking assault weapons in the USA.

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