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In what country was Toblerone invented?
Toblerone was created by Emil Baumann & Theodor ......?
In what year was Toblerone introduced?
The original logo consisted of an eagle carrying two flags, one of Swizerland, and the other?
There's a hidden picture of what animal on the packaging?
The correct pronunciation of Toblerone is tob-ler-
What is the specific shape of Toblerone?
The triangular shape is said to be that of the (what?) in the Swiss Alps
Name any one of the main ingredients?
Some Toblerone bars have a letter K stamped on the box. What does that mean?
The Toblerone Line was built as a defense during (which war?) in Switzerland. (This line consists of 10 kilometers of nearly 3000 9-ton triangular concrete blocks)
But the shape is actually meant to represent dancers from what?
In 1932 Toblerone added rum to the line-up, what was the name of this product?
Toblerone also makes ice cream, popsicles and what other dessert?
Individually wrapped triangular chunks of Toblerone are branded as?
What type of Toblerone comes in a half purple triangular cardboard box?
The only non-triangular Toblerone is known as?
A similar product is the Croatian product by what name? (Sounds like the long running Los Angeles homicide detective TV show)
UK variety store chain Poundland launched its own version of Toblerone called? (Named after a famous 1990s TV drama)
In 1995, Swedish politician Mona Sahlin had misused her government-issued credit card buying Toblerones and the whole episode was dubbed by the media as?
To the nearest 10,000 km how many kilometers of Toblerone are eaten annually?
To save money; in 2016 peaks were removed and larger gaps were introduced between each peak, this decision was reversed, but how many peaks were temporarily removed?
The Toblerone company was acquired by which company in 1990?
The largest Toblerone in production is how many kilos? (For scale; its about 10x10x10 inches triangular and roughly 3ft long).
Is a Toblerone suitable for vegetarians?

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