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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the questions relating to President Trump?

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Are the Affordable Care Act and 'Obamacare' the same thing (y/n)?
Trump's approval rating (Gallup Poll) is higher or lower than 35.2%
Who did Trump fire as head of FBI?
Trump's environmental impact has been to pull out of what?
Which British person did Trump accuse of being indifferent to terrorism following a terrorist stack in London?
Trump shares highly classified Intelligence from which country with a core of that countries geopolitical foes?
When the Trump White House released their budget - how big was the math error?
During a gathering of NATO leaders who did Trump shove?
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Trump allowed the State Department to advertise what?
Trump praised who after he was fired for sexual harassment and paid $13m out in sexual harassment claims?
Who did Trump claim had 'wires tapped' his phones?
Who did Trump claim had been involved in killing President Kennedy?
Trump declared this was a threat to 'national security'?
Trump publicly condemned a private company for dropping his daughters fashion line? (Name the company)
How many one term Presidents since World War 2?
Of the last three Presidents, who played more golf in their first 100 days in office?

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