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What form of escapement, invented in the 17th century by Robert Hooke, is named after its resemblance to a piece of nautical equipment?
What kind of escapement, designed in around 1722 by Robert Harrison, is named after a type of insect? A notable modern example is John Taylor’s Corpus Clock in Cambridge.
The Boeing B-17 heavy bomber aircraft was known by what two-word epithet during the Second World War, partly in reference to its ability to defend itself?
Which Asian verse-form usually consists of 17 onji, a phonetic unit broadly equivalent to the syllable, in three phrases of five, seven and five?
Author of Sisterly Feelings, who, in 1997, became the first playwright to be knighted since Noel Coward in 1970?
Also in 1997, who became only the second composer to receive a life peerage?
And who, in 1997, became the second pop or rock musician to be knighted?
The Navier-Stokes equation governs the behaviour of what form of matter?
The ratio of the shear stress to the strain rate in a fluid is commonly known as what?
What is the SI unit of viscosity?
In Sydney, Australia, what is the Brickfielder?
What, in the USA, is ‘brick’, which has an elastic texture, is full of holes, and is sold in blocks ten inches by three inches?
In the film version of which Tennessee Williams play did Paul Newman play Brick Pollitt, who is unhappily married to Maggie, played by Elizabeth Taylor?
The ratio of the speed of a fluid to the speed of sound in that fluid is named after which Austrian physicist?
David Mach’s sculpture Train is situated by the line of the historic railway which linked which two sites?
Austrian Field Marshal Mack surrendered to which French commander at Ulm in 1805?
President of the USA, and the composer of the operas The Death of Klinghoffer and Doctor Atomic?
A senior English naval officer who commanded HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, and a major novelist born in 1840?
Which African capital lies at the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile?
Which Asian capital is located at the confluence of the Tonle Sap, Bassac and Mekong rivers?
Which European capital lies at the confluence of the Sava with the Danube?
The phrase ‘remembrance of things past’, an English title given to Marcel Proust’s novel sequence, is taken from a sonnet by which writer?
‘Time present and time past / Are both perhaps present in time future / And time future contained in time past.’ Which poet wrote these lines in a work of 1935?
‘Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’ Words from which 1949 novel?
Which heteronyms are the names of a port in Alabama and a type of kinetic art invented in the 1930s by Alexander Calder?
Which Indian film director and American photographer and Dadaist had heteronymic surnames?
Founded in 1854, what is the largest city and, until 1997, the capital of the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan?
The Battle of the Alma was a Russian defeat by British and French forces during which war?
Alamogordo, the site of the detonation of the first atomic bomb in 1945, is situated in which US state?
Kalessin, who transports Ged and Arren to Roke, is the oldest dragon in works by Ursula Le Guin set in which world?
In Tolkien’s Silmarillion, which dragon is described as ‘the first of the Uruloki, the fire-drakes of the North’?
In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, what is the name of the Norwegian ridgeback dragon that Hagrid illegally breeds?
Tennyson dedicated the Idylls to which recently deceased public figure, describing him as one ‘who loved one only, and who clave to her’?
Which spice is an essential ingredient of classic bouillabaisse, and is used to flavour and colour paella, Milanese risotto, pilau rice and biryani?
The type of reaction variously called ‘double displacement’, ‘double decomposition’ and ‘ionic association’ is also known by what one-word term?
Reactions between two substances, in which one loses one or more electrons and the other gains them, are commonly referred to by what portmanteau abbreviation?
In 1902, which two brothers published The Varieties of Religious Experience and The Wings of the Dove?
The Liffey Swim is a picture painted in 1923 by the brother of which Nobel Prize-winning poet?
The better-known brother of the author of the travel books Brazilian Adventure and News from Tartary was a writer of popular spy fiction. What surname did they share?
Which relative of the thistle whose seeds are a source of cooking oil is known as ‘bastard saffron’ because its yellow flowers are often used as a cheap substitute for the spic

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