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Director and Year Title of Movie
Jan Svankmajer 1987
Mike van Diem 1989
J.C. Chandor 2013
Juan Zapata 2016
Aki Kaurismäki 1988
Luc Besson 1991 (Documentary)
Terrence Malick 1973
Jean-Jacques Annaud 1988
Carroll Ballard 1979
Pablo Berger 2012
Vincent Gallo 2003
Robert Zemeckis 2000
Sergei Parajanov 1969
Tran Anh Hung 1995
Jean-Pierre Melville 1972
Claude Sautet 1992
Luc Besson The Last Battle
Richard Brooks 1971
Walter Hill 1978
Gus Van Sant 2003
Clara Law 1996
Ermanno Olmi 1963
Gus Van Sant 2002
Director and Year Title of Movie
Igor Sterk 1995
Sergio Leone 1966
Pawel Pawlikowski 2013
Sylvain Chomet 2010
Chantal Anne Akerman 1975
Yimou Zhang, Fengliang Yang 1990
Godfrey Reggio 1982 Documentary
F.W. Murnau 1924
Kaige Chen 1991
Terence Davies 1992
Lisandro Alonso 2004
Terry Bourke 1972
Robert Bresson 1956
Kelly Reichardt 2010
Hsiao-Hsien Hou 2001
Ki-duk Kim 2013
Jacques Tati 1958
Anthony Waller 1995
Kaneto Shindô 1960
Carroll Ballard 1983
Sergio Leone 1968
Ermanno Olmi 1961
Jean-Jacques Annaud 1981
Director and Year Title of Movie
Yimou Zhang 1987
Amir Naderi 1984
Warwick Thornton 2009
Dave Borthwick 1993
Charles Lane 1989
Ingmar Bergman 1963
Mel Brooks 1976
Liv Ullmann 1992
Andrey Tarkovskiy 1972
Sofia Coppola 2010
Alex Proyas 1989
Kelly Asbury, Lorna Cook 2002
Roger Scholes 1987
Claude Faraldo 1973
Nuri Bilge Ceylan 2008
Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi 2014
Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky 2011
Stanley Kubrick 1968
Jonathan Glazer 2013
Nicolas Roeg 1971
Andrew Stanton 2008
Jianjun He 1995

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