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Can you name the places on the Round the World Trip? (Pt2)

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After a pit stop in LA I headed to learn how to tango
After a 17 hour bus ride I found waterfalls where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet
Not fancying another long bus ride, I flew to the capital of Uruguay for many steaks
From there it was time for a carnival and a vitamin D injection in this 3 word city
Needing to give my ears a rest I went to a small beach town about 2 hours away, cheap booze there
Done with Brazil, I switched sides and flew to the land of llamas
Making friends with llamas, alpacas and condors at this famous mountain top photo op
After a few pisco sours in Cusco, I got an old bus to a town to climb El Misti
I heard about a floating village a bus ride away on the border
From there, a pretty nasty drive across the border to the second Copacobana of my trip
I then caught a bus to the highest administrative capital in the world
After catching my breath I flew to get some salt
Having taken a thousand photos in the last place, I flew to La Paz, then Lima, then this Amazon jungle city in Peru in one day
After swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon, and getting 10,000 mosquito bites I flew back to the capital
After some hurricanes in the US messed up loads of flights we went from Lima to the city governed by Nayib Bukele
A few days there were followed by ten days of diving at the second biggest coral reef system in the world. Stayed on a small island called…
With a heavy heart I left the island, and flew to a US hub airport in Texas
And then a bumpy flight back to La La Land and home

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