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Can you name the places on the Round the World Trip? (Pt1)

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Flew from LAX for 16 hours to see the tallest building in the world
I then flew to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
From there I went to Giza
A short flight and I was standing in front of the Treasury in Petra.
After a week there, I hopped across the mountains to see the beaches of Beirut
After getting a bit of a tan I flew to the Eternal City
A quick train ride to the Duomo
An even quicker train ride to pretend to hold up a tower
I then travelled to the birthplace of Christopher Columbus
Via Milan, I ended my trip to Italy with a boat ride around this famous old city
Then a flight to see my family in Yorkshire. What country am I in?
After some expensive train journeys to London, I flew to the northern most capital city in the world
After some cold weather, I was ready for some heat. I went to visit my friends in Varanasi
Craving some mountain air I took a Kingfisher flight to a city now ruined by a recent earthquake
I then headed for a famous drink at Raffles
Then it was time to exchange my money for Baht
From the capital I got the bus to the Elephant Island
After a blissful couple of weeks there I made my way to Angkor Wat
A boat ride south to the capital followed
After a crazy few days there I headed for the French Quarter in
That place is great, but I needed to relax for a week so I headed to this feline sounding island
Back on dry land I headed for the beach town Nha Trang, seeking something more lively I headed south to the city formerly known as Saigon
After a quick shuffle through Singapore, I flew down under to St Kilda
Hugged a koala then flew to the red centre to look at a sacred rock
Back to the coast to walk over the coat hanger
I got upgraded on my next flight to the City of the Sails
I then spent a month going all over this country, my favourite spot which used to be called Milford Haven
After a wonderful time there I went for a glass of Kava
Stay tuned for Part II South America is next (go to 'How to Play' for the link after typing 'South America' to end the quiz)

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