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Can you name the Letters that didn't make it into the English alphabet

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Derived from the Old English runic alphabet, Futhark.
The letters which ended up making a 'W'
Common in Middle English words that sounded like the 'ch' in 'Bach' or Scottish 'loch.'
An honorary English letter back in the days of Old English
Originating from Irish, it was meant to represent a slightly different pronunciation of the “th” sound
Originally, the character was simply called “and” or sometimes “et”
This letter referred to as “insular G” or “Irish G”
There’s an excellent chance you can find this symbol somewhere around any given church to this day
Traditionally used in Latin loan words with a long 'e' sound
When used by English scribes, it became known as “ond' - what's the full name?
Sometimes the letter s will be replaced by a character that looks a bit like an f. This is what’s known as a...?
This was invented by a scribe named Alexander Gill the Elder in the year 1619 and meant to represent a velar nasal

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