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Todd only wears what colour?
If you're drinking whilst listening what word are you waiting for?
Todd's current sports car (07/17)?
Paul wears Porsche trousers, 'true' or 'false'?
Paul's current sports car (03/17)?
Todd's most recommended car which was also the armed wing of the Nazis?
Which TV channel is Everyday Driver on?
Ask me about..?
The Icon film concentrated on which car
If you wanted to spruce up a car, perhaps unnecessarily?
What is it called when the upper limit of someone's budget is being exceeded also known as?
Ocassional podcast stand in?
What state do Todd and Paul live in?
Todd talks about driving his FRS on winter tyres in snow with absurd regularity? Yes/No?
What is the name given to desiring other cars and constantly wanting a new car?
Should you 'race' at Spa, or 'relax' at the spa?
What car did Paul have on order for 16 months before finally giving up?
Paul has a seemingly unhealthy enthusiasm for this Asian car manufacturer?
Should you FiST or FoST?
The fabled Porsche engine destroyer of wallets, the IMS bearing stands for?
CPO in the context of the podcast means?
Name at least one sponsor of the podcast/TV show? (as of July 2017)
Los Angeles based photographer appeared on the podcast selling his Honda what?
Cameraman and all round decent fellow Chance has what Ford car?
Does Todd wear a watch?
Todd's third car is what?
Did Paul fix his deck yet?
How many miles were on Todd's new car when he got it?
Name the company Everyday Driver uses for cars around the Nürburgring?
European Correspondent name?

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