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Can you name the answers to the UK Championship Playoff Final History (1993-2017)?

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Final score at 90 minutes in 2017?
Teams in 2017 final?
Reading were previously in the finals in what years?
Who lost the 2016 final?
What was the score?
For the 2016 final was the attendance above or below 85,000?
Who won the 2015 final?
Name one of the scorers?
For the 2015 final was the attendance above or below 85,000?
Who was the 2015 referee
For 2014 who lost the final?
2014: Was the attendance above or below 85,000?
2014: Who did the eventual winner beat in the semi final?
For the 2013 final who was man of the match
In 2013 who scored the only goal?
In 2013 who did the eventual loser beat in the semi final?
Who was captain for Crystal Palace in the 2013 final?
Name one team in the 2012 final?
Name one captaain in the 2012 final?
Who was manager of the losing team in 2012?
Who won the 2011 final?
Who scored a hatrick in the 2011 final?
Who was the winning teams sub goalkeeper in 2011?
Who was the losing manager in 2011?
Where was the 2010 final played (stadium name)?
Who scored the first goal in 2010 (enter team or player)?
Alex Baptiste was playing for the winning team, in which country was he born?
Who won the 2009 final?
Was the 2009 attendance above or below 85,000?
Was the winning goal scored in the first or second half?
In 2009 who was in goal for the losing team?
Who won the 2008 final?
Who was the 2008 man of the match
Who lost the 2008 final?
In the 2007 final, there was one Jamaican playing, name him?
In 2007 who was the winning manager?
Where was the 2006 final played (stadium)?
Who lost the 2006 final?
Who scored an own goal?
In 2006 there were Americans on both teams, name one of them?
In the 2005 final who scored the only goal?
The only scorer in the 2005 final also played on the losing team in the 2004 team. Name the team?
Which future manager of the club was on the bench in the 2004 final for the losing team?
In 2003 Wolves beat who in the final?
Which player scored in 2003 who played for Rangers in the 2016/2017 season?
In 2003 which famous Irishman played right back for Wolves?
In 2002 the game was decided by penalties, who won?
The winning team in 2002 had a striker from Trinidad and Tobago, name him?
Name the losing team in the 2001 final?
Name the losing team manager in 2001?
Name the winning manager in 2001?
How many goals were in the 2000 final?
Who won the 2000 final?
Which future Celtic manager was playing centre back for Ipswich Town in 2000?
In the 1999 final an Israeli player was subbed on in the 87 th minute. His name was Alon…?
What was the final score (normal time) in the 1998 final?
Who missed the only penalty in the 1998 final?
In the 90th minute a Scottish player won the game for which team in 1997?
In the 120th minute of extra time who won the game for this team in 1996?
There were Australians on both teams' benches in 1996, name one of them?
Which player who went on to to play for Newcastle United was in the Reading goal for the final in 1995?
In 1994 an American played right wing for the losing team. In 1991 he won the League Cup Final with Sheffield Wednesday. Name him?
Who was the winning manager for Leicester City in 1994?
Who scored the first goal (as player manager) for the winning team in 1993?
The losing team in 1993 had an entire team (including subs) of Englishman, apart from one player, Colin Hill. Hill was born in England but represented which country at internationa

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