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Can you name the notable events, besides that one, which occurred on the 11th of September?

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9The Battle of Teutoburg Forest, in which an alliance of German tribes annihilated three legions from this empire, ends
1297This Scottish military leader defeats the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge
1609Navigator Henry Hudson ‘discovers’ the American river that today bears his name, and names this island at the river's mouth in honor of the Dutch parliament
1776A British-American peace conference, held on the above island, fails to stop this burgeoning conflict
1792This famous diamond was stolen from the royal family's storehouse during the French Revolution
1857Militiamen belonging to this religious movement massacre 120 California-bound settlers at Mountain Meadows, Utah
1885This English novelist and poet, author of such works as The Prussian Officer and Lady Chatterley's Lover, is born
1919U.S. Marines invade this Central American nation
1924This Dallas Cowboys head coach, famous for his innovative methods and trademark fedora, is born
1941Ground is broken in Virginia for the contruction of this, the world's largest office building
1973A CIA-backed coup topples the democratic government of Chile and installs this man as dictator
1978Egyptian President Sadat and Israeli PM Begin meet at this U.S. presidential retreat to broker peace between their two nations
1985This man breaks Ty Cobb's baseball record for most career hits, with his 4,192nd
1987U.S. President Reagan proclaims this day Emergency Number Day, to raise awareness of this three-digit telephone number
1997NASA surveyor spacecraft reaches this planet, after a 10-year U.S. absence
1997This country votes in a referendum to establish a devolved parliament within the United Kingdom
2007The military of this country field-tests the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history, nicknamed 'The Father of All Bombs'
2012The American consolate in this Libyan city is attacked by heavily armed Islamist militias

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