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ALucy Maud Montgomery's globally-popular 1908 novel set in Prince Edward Island
BPhysician who invented mobile blood transfusion service during Spanish Civil War; hero to Chinese Communists
CRobotic appendage used on the Space Shuttle that was designed and built in Canada
DProvincial leader of the first democratic-socialist gov't in North America; 'Father of Medicare'; voted 'Greatest Canadian'
E10th century Norse explorer who founded first European settlement in the Americas at L'anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland
FLate-17th century Governor General of New France; namesake of Quebec City landmark
GEarly-20th century school of painters best known for their iconic landscapes
H16th century Iroquoian village visited by Jacques Cartier, on modern site of Montreal
IFamous poem written during First World War by John McCrae to commemorate war dead
JCode name for Normandy beach taken by Canadian forces on D-Day
KAfghan province in which Canadian troops were deployed for most of the Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan
L18th century French fortress and strategic port on Cape Breton Island
MGovernment policy adopted in 1970s to champion and protect ethnic differences
NOriginal name of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, founded in 1873 by Sir John A. Macdonald
OTerm for Alberta's bitumen petroleum deposits; significant factor in Canada's recent economic and environmental history
PQuebecois leader of the 1837 Lower Canada Rebellion
QPeriod in 1960s marking rapid secularisation and creation of the welfare-state in Quebec
RWaterway linking Ottawa with Kingston; built after War of 1812 as a precaution for a future US invasion of Canada
SCold War crisis resolved by Lester Pearson's creation of the UN Peacekeeping force
TCharismatic late-20th century PM; briefly dated Barbra Steisand
UPro-monarchy American colonists who resettled in Ontario and the Maritimes in the wake of the Revolutionary War
VCanoe-paddling fur traders of the colonial era
WMajor 1919 strike in Western city; influenced Canadian labour movement
XUnofficial name for WWII military base near Oshawa, Ontario used to train covert agents
YPre-1834 name for Toronto
ZGenericised trademark for ice resurfacer; boon for indoor ice hockey

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