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Can you name the Obscure characters from 24?

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Father of Kim's friend Janet, Season 1
Bad guy impersonating above character
Rapes Teri Bauer, Season 1
Kidnaps Kim, works at Paladio Furniture Season 1
Head cut off by Jack Bauer, Season 2
Fiance of Kate Warner, Season 2
Leader of Coral Snake Unit in Season 2
Smuggles 'cocaine' from Mexico, Season 3
Mother of above character, Season 3
Steals stealth fighter, Season 4
Behrooz's Girlfriend, Season 4
Chemical Engineer Professor, Season 4
Darren McCarthy's girlfriend, Season 6
Senator accusing Jack human rights violations, Season 7
The Senator's Chief of Staff who works with the terrorist, Season 7
Dana Walsh's Ex-boyfriend, Season 8
The above character's Parole Officer, Season 8
# 16's friend, killed by Cole Ortiz, Season 8

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