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Louis Kings of France Kings Time
814-840The Pious, Son of Charlemagne
877-879The Stammerer, Son of Charles II
879-882Son of Louis II
936-954from Overseas, Son of Charles III
986-987 The Lazy, son of Lothair
1108-1137The Fat, Son of Philip I
1137-1180The Young, Son of Louis VI
1223-1226The Lion, Son of Philip II Augustus
1226-1270The Saint, Son of Louis VIII
Louis Kings of France Kings Time
1314-1316The Quarreller, Son of Philip IV
1461-1483The Prudent, The Universal Spider, Son of Charles VII
1498-1515Father of the People, Great-Grandson of Charles V
1610-1643The Just, Son of Henry IV
1643-1715The Great, the Sung King, Son of Louis XIII
1715-1774The Beloved, Great-Grandson of Louis XIV
1774-1792The Last, Grandson of Louis XV
1814-1815Brother of Louis XVI, uncle of Louis XVII
1830-1848The Citizen King, Sixth Generation Decendant from Louis XIII

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