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Actor who won an Oscar for 'The Philadelphia Story'
Actor born in 1937, nominated for 12 Oscars
Legendary Western actor and director
Played Lester Burnham in 'American Beauty'
Actor nominated for 3 Oscars and starred in 'Fight Club'
Actor who won 2 Oscars for both of his Quentin Tarantino films
Starred in 'Se7en' and 'Babel'
Actress who worked with Alfred Hitchcock 3 times
Played Johnny Cash in 'Walk the Line'
Travis Bickle
Actress nominated for an Oscar at the age of 14
Starred as Howard Hughes in 'The Aviator'
Actress who starred in 'Wild' and 'Election'
Played The Hulk in 'Avengers'
Actor who has a sister called Maggie (also an actor)
Played the lead character in 'Memento'
Won an Oscar for 'No Country for Old Men'
Starred in the Woody Allen film 'Blue Jasmine'
Played Lionel Logue in 'The Kings Speech'
Starred in 'The Shawshank Redemption' and 'Million Dollar Baby'

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