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Year Batman Was Introduced
Batman's Secret Identity
Batman's Mother
Batman's Father
Person Who Killed Batman's Parents
Batman's Father's Occupation
Batman's Butler
Batman's Day Job
Batman's Childhood Friend, Later Enemy(Tommy Elliot)...
Batman's Sidekick #1
Sidekicks name
Who later becomes...
And his family is the acrobatic group known as...
Who are killed by...
Unknown Name, Very Comical Enemy
Who's Female Sidekick is...
Batman's Girlfriend/ Enemy(Selina Kyle)
Batman's Reptilian Enemy(Waylon Jones)
Batman's Enemy With a Split Personality(Harvey Dent)
Batman's Immortal Enemy(Villain)
Who's Name means
And Uses what to keep himself immortal
Unknown Name, Breaks Batmans Back(Villain)
Batman's Enemy: The Bird That Needs An Umbrella(Oswald Cobblepot)
Batman's Enemy Obsessed With Plants(Pamela Isley)
Batman's Ice Cold Enemy(Victor Fries)
Batman's Immortal Enemy's Daughter(Also 5th Robins Mother)
Batman's Enemy Obsessed With Puzzles(Edward Nigma)
Batman's Doppleganger(Wayne Bruce)
Batman's Fearful Enemy(Jonathan Crane)
Batman's Mutated Enemy(Kirk Langstrom)
Batman's Two Voiced Enemy(Arnold Wesker)
Who's Dummy is...
Batman's Tally Mark Killer Enemy...
Obsessed With Alice In Wonderland Enemy(Jervis Tetch)
The 2nd Robin's Secret Identity
Who Later Uses The Name...
Whose parent's are...
Who are Killed by...
Enemy Who is Obsessed with Batman And Knows His True Identitiy
Mob Boss Enemy Also known As the Roman...
Batman's Crime lord Enemy(Roman Sionis)
Batman's Assassin Enemy Who Has Never Missed A Target Until Batman(Floyd Lawton)
The 3rd Robin's Secret Identity
Who Later Uses The Name...
Who's Dad is...
And his Mom...
1 of their Killers...
Their other Killer...
Plays The Joker In The 1989 Batman
Plays Batman In The 1989 Batman
Directed 1989 Batman
1st Batgirl's Secret Identity
2nd Batgirl's Secret Identity
When Paralyzed She Uses The Name...
And Her Father Is...
Who Works As...
Alias Used When Batman Is Undercover
Batman Founds A Team Of Superheroes Known As...
The 4th robin's Secret Identity
Who Previously Used The Name...
But Now Uses The Name...
And Her Father Is ...
Who's Alter Ego Is
Batman's Flying Insect Enemy(Drury Walker/Cameron Van Cleer)
3rd Batgirl's Secret Identity
Who Uses The Name...
5th Robin's Secret Identity
Who's Mother is...
Who's Father is...
4th Batgirl's Secret Identity
While Batman's Back is Broken, This Hero Takes Over(Jean-Paul Valley)
Batman's Nursery Rhyme Enemy(Cyrus Gold)
1 of Batman's Creators...
The other Creator of Batman is....
What Harley Quinn calls the Joker...
Batman's City
Where Batman's Parent's were killed
5th Batgirl's Secret Identity
Who Later Uses The Name...
Batwoman's Pre-Crisis Secret Identity
Batwoman's Post-Crisis Secret Identity
Team That Robin Founded Of Young Superheroes...
Team That Batman Also Founded Known As...
Who played Batman in 'Dark Knight' and 'Dark Knight Rises'?
Who plays Catwoman in 'Dark Knight Rises'?
Who plays The Joker in 'Dark Knight' ?
Who plays Bane in 'Dark Knight Rises'?
Who plays Jim Gordon in both 'Dark Knight' and 'Dark Knight Rises'?
Who Directed 'Dark Knight' and 'Dark Knight Rises'?

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