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Can you name the Harry Potter characters base on the clues?

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My patronus is a stag and I married a Weasley.
Harry Potter is my brother-in-law and I drive a flying Ford Anglia during my second year at Hogwarts.
The Malfoys call me mud-blood but I'm smarter than many wizard and my parents are dentists.
I'm a son of a milkman, I admire Harry Potter and I met Basilisk in my first year.
I'm the only one who have defeated Harry Potter in Quidditch, but I want a rematch because Harry fell off his broom.
I dated 3 boys during my years in Hogwarts and I married one of them.
If you know someone who have lost an ear, is me!
I dated 2 Triwizard champions.
I'm a Hufflepuff's prefect along with Hannah Abbott.
I think I forgot the password to the Gryffindor's tower.
My best friend is Seamus and I'm a muggle-born wizard.
I married Neville Longbottom.
I'm a muggle who used to have a pig's tail.
My patronus is a hare. Can you guess who I am?
You can ask Big D for my name. I came to the zoo wiht the Dursleys once.
Amelia Bones is my aunt.
I betrayed Dumbledore's Army.
My father bought Nimbus 2001 for every member in my Quidditch team.

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