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Can you name the Thomas and Friends Stinky Steamies?

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Cheeky china clay twin
Dark blue american engine with cowcatcher
Pulls The Flying Kipper
Likes to say 'That's right!'
Know as 'The Rocket'
Gordon's brother
Orange Annoying engine
Vain red engine
Irish Streamlined Blue Engine
Broke the spiteful breakvan
Backed into a signal box
Gordon when streamlined
Tomboy copycat
Likes Peace and Quiet
No.2 blue engine
Pulls the mail
Purple engine that works on the Harwick branchline.
Often mistaken for a diesel
North American bully
Emerald engine with huge driving wheel
Irish Narrow gauge tank engine
Had a Spotless record
Bright green boxy tank engine that works at the dump
Has his own branchline
Cheeky china clay twin
No.14 bright purple tank engine
Legend that this engine has 'a magic lamp'
Firefighter tank engine
No.66 Smelly engine
Rock 'n' rollin' narrow gauge tank engine

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