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Can you name the dragons from the Dreamwork's Dragons franchise?

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Strike Class
Blends in with the night sky, fires plasma blasts, Hiccup's Toothlesss 
White scales, flies through it's own fire blast to turn invisible, Toothless's mate 
Fires blasts of lightning by channeling the lightning from storm clouds 
Has scorpion like tails and pinchers, only appears in Race to the Edge 
Offspring of the first two 
Boulder Class
Huge build, small wing span, shoots molten lava, Fishlegs' Meatlug 
Rows of circular teeth, hunts from underground 
Similar manner as the Gronckle, can eat through dragon-proof metal 
Rolls up into a ball and can roll both downhill and uphill 
First appears in second film 
Great protector of Defenders of the Wing Island, eats lava 
Sharp Class
Shiny metal skin, poisonous tears, Heather's Windshear 
Owl-like head, four wings, Valka's Cloudjumper 
Can cut through full grown trees 
Appears in second film 
Really fast, stings it's victim with venom that paralyzes said victim 
Stoker Class
Can set it's entire body on fire, Snotlout's Hookfang 
Size of cat, social creatures 
Spins around in a circle of fire like a typhoon, shoots fire in the form of a tornado 
Appears in the second film. 
Helps other Stoker Class dragons regain their fire, sets fire to anything it touches 
Chameleon eyes, can shoot fire from any part of it's body 
Tracker Class
Fires spikes from their tail, was originally in the Sharp class, Astrid's Stormfly 
Rhinoecerous like head, Stoick's Skullcrusher 
Tidal Class
Produces loud sounds that can take out it's target at close range 
Sprays boiling water at it's target 
Two heads, has the properties of an electric eel, moves through the water like a Sting ray or Manta ray 
Original Alpha of all dragons, shoots ice instead of fire 
Salamander or frog like body, can cause massive and deadly whirlpools 
Shoot damaging projectiles, Submaripper's natural enemy 
Mystery Class
Two Headed, One head releases gas while the other ignites it, Ruffnut and Tuffnut's Barf and Belch 
Four Headed dragon 
Can blend into any envirnment, can shoot acid at it's victim 
Coated in bones of dead dragons, gave Gobber a hard time 
Cloaks themselves in smoke, makes their nest out of metal 
Coats it's body with metal to defend itself, blast can cause temporary blindness to it's target 
Eats other dragon eggs, produces flammable mucus, can squeeze through cracks by flattening its body and skeleton 
Lures it's prey with a song, cocoons it's prey in amber 
Glowing dragon, eats bioluminescent algae, freezes it's victim with fear 

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