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Can you name the words that complete each of the following titles?

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Partial TitleMissing WordYear and Media
The Hills ____ Eyes1977/2006 Movie
___, Me and Dupree2006 Movie
____ After1998 Movie
It ___ to Be YouMultiple Works
_ Bug's Life1998 Movie
A Midsummer Night's _____1590's Comedy (Play)
The Matrix: Path of ___2005 Video Game
____ Thing You Do1996 Movie/Song
Catch Me If ___ Can2002 Movie
While You ____ Sleeping1995 Movie
__ I Married an Axe Murderer1993 Movie
The ____ Thing1985 Movie
How the West ___ Won1962 Movie
Dan in ____ Life2007 Movie
____ the #$*! Do We (K)now!?2004 Movie
__ These Walls Could Talk1996 Movie
___ Only Live Twice1967 Movie
Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the ____-Rabbit2005 Movie
Ready, Willing But ______1941 Short
Partial TitleMissing WordYear and Media
__ Kill a Mockingbird1960 Novel / 1962 Movie
____ Me Up When September Ends2005 Song
(Throw) Mama ____ the Train1956 Song (Similar to 1987 Movie)
____ 80's Show2002 TV Series
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: _____ Warriors1987 Movie
___ to Train Your Dragon2003 Book / 2010 Movie
The Man Who _____ Be KingMultiple Works
10 Things I Hate About ___1999 Movie / 2009 TV Series
I'll Always ____ What You Did Last Summer2006 Movie
Back to ___ Future1985 Movie
What A __________ A Day MakesMultiple Works
A Thin Line _______ Love and Hate1996 Movie
___ Philadelphia Experiment1984 Movie
Goal! The _____ Begins2005 Movie
The Secret _____ of Alex Mack1994 TV Series
Cloak ___ DaggerMultiple Works
The Hound of ___ Baskervilles1902 Novel
Lars and the ____ Girl2007 Movie
Spice _____1997 Movie

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