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Olympus Mons is located here.
Goddess of victory (Greek or Roman).
Capital of Mexico's largest state.
Average number of seconds for a stoplight to turn green after the other light turned red.
Geometric term for a five-pointed star.
The president of North Vietnam during the Vietnamese War.
Father of the H-bomb.
Inventor of dynamite.
Painting on a wet plaster of wall.
Name of Charles Lindbergh's plane.
America's first space shuttle.
Civil rights activist who was shot in New York in 1965.
Holiday always on the second Sunday in May(U.S.).
Structure built in 1960. Torn down in 1989.
Country where the tango originated.
The headmaster of Hogwarts.
Author of the Ugly Duckling.
Author of Peter Pan.
Continent that the Danube River is located on.
Nerve cell

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